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yearld Distribution Program

  • You operate an online or offline retail store offering indoor gardening products and accessories.
  • Photos of your store must be provided for verification.
  • A link to your website must be provided for verification.


Rather than our industry-top quality products, we are committed to providing you top level support. Here are some supports we will offer:

  • 5% of the sale volume of each order you place will be spend on Facebook, Google, Instagram etc to drive traffic to your online store or promote your offline stores.
  • Up to 5% rebates when we reach a certain amount of sales.
  • A competitive bulk price with free shipping.
  • 3-year warranty with direct after sale service.
  • Customized products which will be exclusive for you.
  • More can be discussed.


If you are interested to carry our products, please contact us below to be part of the program.

Tel / Whatsapp: +1 405-492-9302


Or you can Inquire Now, we will get back to you within 1 business day.