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One-stop Shop

Providing top-notch equipment for indoor growing


Grow All Year Round

Achieve a consistent year-round crop prduction by growingindoor without worrying about theimpact of adverse weather conditions

Maximiz Canopy Footprint

2, 3 or even 4x the canopy footprint in the same space with vertical grow systems.

Achieve Higher Yield with Full Control

Manipulate how plants grow in the right way to achieve higher yield with full control of the environment including lights, air, water.

Prevents Pests and Diseases

By growing completely indoor with our solutions makes pest infestations diseases much less likely.

One-stop Solution

No matter what or how you’re growing, our one-stop shop can offer you solutions including lights, vertical racks, air, HVAC, trays, irrigation and more. Save you both time and cost significantly.

Extremely Affordable

Benefit from the advantages of our supply chain, we provide the same top-notch solutions same as other top brands while saving you hundreds of thousands dollars per project.

Benefit From Growing Vertically

With better use of space, less use of water, higher energy efficiency and fewerlabour costs, vertical farming will bring your costs down and increase crop yield & revenue.

Vertical Grow Racks

Dry Racks

LED Grow Lights

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HVAC & Air

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Rolling Benches

Grow Trays


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Irrigation System

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yearld Pro Master

Tunable Spectrum

LCD Display

Sunrise/Sunset Setting

Built-in Dimmer&Timer

UV/IR Optional

Wi-Fi Connectivity

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